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French Island Biodynamic Organics

Now all the farm fresh vegetables, fruits, organic Wagyu beef, pork and lamb as served here at McLeod Eco Farm at great wholesale prices can be found at our shop conveniently located at 144 Nepean Highway, Aspendale, Victoria.  Pay the same while feeding your family healthier, loving food. Stop by and see our selection and have a great organic coffee and fresh baked goody.

Now available Eve’s Organic Pies.

Wagyu Beef Pie  Family $14  Individual $7
Lamb Pie  Family $14  Individual $7
Seasonal Pork Pie  Family $14  Individual $7
Seasonal Veggie Pie  Family $12  Individual $6
Seasonal Fruit Pie  Family $12  Individual $6

Eve’s Organic Pies™ are made primarily from biodynamic products which are grown to the highest standard known to womankind.  The vegetables are picked at their peak of freshness, ensuring the highest quality ingredients and taste in each and every pie.   All animals are raised organically and processed humanely.

You will find the taste of these pies to be irresistible as the burst of flavor and nutrition quickly overpowers all of your taste buds.  You will feel fantastic as your brain commands your body to take a moment to enjoy what nature has naturally provided.  After savoring the taste of Eve’s Organic Pies™ you will soon get a warm love glow radiating from your stomach.   We know you will not only be back for more, but will also tell all of your friends and family about this new sensational organic product which is sustainable, healthy and can be bought at an extremely reasonable price.   Call for wholesale prices and delivery options.

Phone:  03 9580 9310
Weds. – Fri.:  9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sat. & Sun.:    10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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